Strengthening Kids and Teens- Helping to Overcome Obstacles

When we have children we often devote all of our physical and emotional resources to them, and when our children suffer we suffer. If your child is struggling, whether that be at school academically or behaviourally, we can help.  If they are having issues emotionally with friendships or with family (including you), with anxiety, or with developing positive behaviours we can help provide both you and your child tools to help them create a healthy mindset and learn to develop strategies that will lead them to a successful life.  

With more than 18 years working in the education field as a teacher, private consultant and administrator, my passion is to help every child achieve their fullest potential.   Allow me help you and your child achieve the brilliance they have within.

Nicole has a wealth of experience working with children and teens of all ages.

Throughout the 10 week program, Nicole will work with you and your child to:

  • Work on finding the root cause of any obstacles or limiting beliefs
  • Create an outcome for the 10 week program
  • Remove any anger, fear, sadness, hurt, or guilt and find strength in the obstacles that have now been overcome
  • Take away any limiting beliefs or bad habits that are preventing growth, success and happiness
  • Add a tool box of successful behaviours, beliefs and attitudes to instill the outcome
  • Set attainable goals for the future and establish procedures to set the goals into practice
  • Use hynotherapy to reinforce
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