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The Relationship Revolution is an online program designed for couples to help strengthen their relationship no matter where their relationship is it. Created with the understanding that overtime couples can begin to take their relationships for granted and sometimes it needs a bit of a kick start to get the spark back. This program is exactly the kick start your relationship needs to get it back on track.

How our online programs work


Each program is designed with a number of videos that will walk you through the program, and provide you with relevant and informative information to help support you.


A variety of activities have been created for each program to help support your learning and deepen your understanding so that the goals of the program can be achieved


When any of our online programs are purchased you will be provided with additional support and resources from our certified life coaches.

The Benefits of Online Programs

Our online programs have so many benefits for you, our client. One of the biggest benefits of online coaching is that it allows you to work through the programs at your own pace. We understand that life is crazy and hectic, and now by being able to use our online programs you can work on yourself when you have the time. It is pretty hard to find a coach who is willing to meet you after you’re home from work and the kids are all tucked into bed, but now you have! Online coaching provides the luxury of working on yourself when the time is right for you! Bonus, if you’re in your jammies and tucked into bed with your computer, nobody is going to judge. Another fantastic benefit of online coaching is comes at a fraction of the cost. Work in the comfort of your own home, at times and at a pace that is perfect for you, while still achieving the results you’ve been waiting for!

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