Empowering Women

Creating the Victress

Many women struggle in life trying to figure out their sense of self or maintaining a sense of purpose. Life can be challenging, and when we add things like divorce, motherhood, trauma or trying to maintain a work and life balance, the struggle can seem overwhelming. In these personalized sessions with Nicole, you will begin to understand what is motivating you in your current life, and what you can do to begin to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Throughout each session Nicole will provide you with information, inspiration and motivation to help guide you to be your most successful self. Whether you are struggling through a divorce, a tragic loss, or simply wanting to make positive changes in your life, Nicole will be there to listen and guide you throughout your journey.

Session Topics:

  • Understanding your story. An exploration of your life’s story and how it continues to impact you.
  • Understanding your obstacles. Exploring what is preventing you from getting what you want, need and deserve.
  • Eliminating negative obstacles, and helping you find all of the positive learnings from your past. To change your future outlook
  • Working through any limiting decisions or behaviours to create your best self
  • Deciding your destiny. Examining where you currently are, and what changes need to occur in your life to achieve the life you desire. What is your ‘happiness blueprint’.
  • Preparing the plan. A guiding session where you will begin to format a concrete plan to help lead you in your chosen direction.
  • Hypnosis to install all of the new learnings and positive behaviours on a deep neurological level, to assist you on your new path
  • Mastering your mindset. Exploring a variety of ways that you can begin to gain control of your mindset and live your most productive life. Practice makes perfect. A follow up to what steps you have taken and further support to help empower you in achieving your dream life.
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