Couples Coaching: Strengthening the connection

When we start a relationship we live in a honeymoon faze, this faze can last anywhere from 3 months to 3 years. When we’ve made a commitment to someone and suddenly, or slowly, the connection that we had in the beginning begins to fizzle, it can be discouraging. Sometimes that fizzle can happen quickly with a break in trust. No matter when or how that fizzle happens you can make one of two choices, you can walk away, or you can choose to work on things and make it better. Considering you are looking on this website, you have obviously chosen to make things better, and you can!

Through the 10 weeks couples coaching, you and your partner will have the opportunity to work with two certified coaches, who will work together to help support you both. Our coaches will work with you individually to release any fear, anger, hurt, sadness and guilt; as well as any limiting beliefs or behaviours. The coaches will then bring you together to set new goals as a couple, discuss each others love languages and needs, and instill new positive habits and behaviours, to strengthen your love and your relationship.

We are an inclusive company and will work with all peoples and all relationships.

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