Services Provided

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Empowering Women- Creating The Victress

A 10 session program with Nicole, that will provide you with information, inspiration and motivation to help guide you to be your most successful self. Many women struggle in life trying to figure out their sense of self or maintaining a sense of purpose. Life can be challenging, and when we add things like divorce, motherhood, trauma or trying to maintain a work and life balance, the struggle can seem overwhelming. Throughout this program we will begin to understand and explore new ways of motivating you to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Couples Coaching: Strengthening the connection

This is a 10 week programming where you and your partner will be working with both Michael and Nicole, to strengthen your relationship, and build an unstoppable connection. When we’ve made a commitment to someone and suddenly, or slowly, the connection that we had in the beginning begins to fizzle, it can be discouraging. Sometimes that fizzle happens really quickly through some type of break in trust. No matter how the fizzle happened you can make one of two choices, you can walk away, or you can choose to work on things and make it better. Considering you are looking on this website, you have obviously chosen to make things better, and you can!

Strengthening Kids and Teens- Helping to Overcome Obstacles

When we have children we often devote all of our physical and emotional resources to them, and when our children suffer we suffer. If your child is struggling, whether that be at school academically or behaviourally, we can help.  If your child is having issues emotionally with friendships or with family (including you), with addiction issues, with anxiety, or with developing positive behaviours we can help provide both you and your child tools to help them create a healthy mindset and learn to develop strategies that will lead them to a successful life.  

Divorce and Separation Mediation

Separation and divorce can create incredibly hard and stressful times. Along with the emotional stress that a seperation or divorce create, there is also the financial burden. By working with our certified NLP coaches, we can work with you through the divorce process to help ease tensions, develop a more amiable relationship and save money.