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Michael Snow & Nicole Mohr

Michael Snow

There are a few things that I am quite certain of that is, I am a man of great passion, I don’t allow the love and the passion of my heart to be hindered or restrained by walls of fear or insecurity. I love strong and I love deep. I let people experience the quality of love in hopes to encourage and to stimulate them to love others similarly. I am a man of conviction. I know where I have been, I know who I am and I know where I am going.

I have tasted the bitter sweet nectar of this worlds enticing fruit only to find myself drunk with confusion and a lack of self worth. But I know longer live that way. For I saw the need to set myself free from the entangled web of destruction and lies that lay in the wake of living a life filled with unhealthy thinking and a lack of purpose.

Each new day begins with a determination to make better decisions, to go to new depths of understanding and to build healthy connections that will lead to stronger relationships. Everyday I open my eyes I will renew my strength and purpose my steps towards success, understanding, peace and love.

For everyday that I let go of the past to embrace the present in hopes of a better future because I am new.

With my vast life experience and the passion that I have to see people grow, succeed and heal, my only hope and intention is to help you become new as well.

Nicole Mohr

Everyone goes through ups and downs, and sometimes it is the times in which we struggle that teach us the most about who we are, what our strengths and beliefs are, and most importantly what we really want to achieve in our lives.

My own struggle began the year my husband told me he loved another woman and left me, 3 months later I was diagnosed with cancer, which scarred me both physically and emotionally. I was left alone with a large mortgage, 3 children, two dogs, a house needing extensive repairs and now CANCER.

At that time I could have shut down completely, gone into myself and wallowed in a well deserved heap of self pity. But, instead I decided this needed to be my opportunity to change and grow, and become the woman I had lost sight of many years before.

Having worked in the education field as both a teacher and administrator for the past 16 years, helping people to grow and learn has always been my passion.

Through my hardships, I was able to recognize that helping people to overcome adversity with a positive mindset was now something that I needed to devote my life to entirely, and with that my life coaching practice emerged.

By using my training in life coaching my goal is to help my clients explore their lives and set goals that we will work together to achieve. Goals that will help you become the strong, and successful person you were always destined to be.

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  1. I worked with Michael over the last few months and it was worth every penny. Their is no dollar amount that should stop you from living your best life. If you want to be loved, motivated, inspired, encouraged and freed from your doubts and fears this is what you need! His passion for life is genuine and I cannot stress enough, how this has formed my dreams and aspirations in life! I’m so excited to see the future unfold and Michael was a great guide for realizing my potential.

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